Zdeněk Wagner authors a theatre play "Taming the Evil Acid"

On Tuesday June 25, 2013 at 10:00 a play by Zdeněk Wagner entitled Taming the Evil Acid was premiered at Slezskoostravský hrad in Ostrava. A fairy tale that tells the story on how sulphuric acid escaped by inadvertency from a lab, devoured all it could find, and how it was finally caught and made useful, was staged by amateur actors from the Ostrava University for the Chemistry at the Castle event.

   Photos from the premiere

  Video from the premiere


   Sulphuric acid, lead accumulator and a bulb (photo from a rehearsal by Zdeněk Wagner)

Synthesis of the acrylonitril-butadiene-styrene co-polymer (video from a rehearsal by Zdeněk Wagner)