Applied Research at ICPF

Apart from the fundamental research, which is the basic field of expertise of the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, we also focus on the applied research and development. ICPF not only successfully participates in the government-funded applied research and development projects but we also cooperate with the commercial sector in the bilateral project and service and contract research. Thanks to the broad field of studied research topics, ICPF can offer wide variety of scientific expertise and, in the same time, exploit the close and long term cooperation of our experts in different fields. This results in a multidisciplinary team creating the synergy necessary for the successful solution of the topical complex problems.

The applied research and development topics studied at ICPF among others include biotechnology, progressive materials and textures, novel sensors, recycling technology, separation processes, process intensification using microreactor technology and environmental engineering.

BiorafOne exemplary achievement in the field of applied research and development is the BIORAF – the center of competence for research of bio-refining, which is coordinated by ICPF. The BIORAF project, supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, belongs among the green chemistry projects and is focused on the biomass conversion to high added-value products and obtaining the alternative energy sources.

Significant step connecting the academic and commercial sector was the establishment of the Czech Pyrolysis and Gasification Association - CPGA. Its mission is to increase the awareness of technologies based on the thermic processes of gasification and pyrolysis and contribute to their extensive application especially in case of the energetic utilization of biomass and wastes where these processes are more effective and environmental friendly when compared to other technologies.

In case of interest of our cooperation, please, see our portfolio or contact us directly at AppliedResearchaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz.