Research and Services

The multidisciplinary nature of ICPF offers a wide spectrum of expertise in many chemical and chemical-engineering fields. We provide our expertise as the contract research and consultations. The following list of research topics is only illustrative, for more details contact the corresponding person or send you enquiry directly to AppliedResearchaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz.

Aerosol laboratory

Contact: zdimalaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz (Dr. Ing. Vladimír Ždímal)

  • Determination of particle-size-dependent aerosol filter efficiency
  • Process measurements of aerosol particles
  • Measurements of the aerosol particle size distribution in sprays
  • Determination of size-resolved chemical composition of aerosol particles
  • Emission and ambient sampling of aerosol particles and their analysis

Analytical chemistry

Contact: sykoraaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz (Ing. J. Sýkora, Ph.D.)

  • MS, LC-MS (HR)
  • SEM, EDX

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Contact: kastanekaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz (Prof. Ing. F. Kaštánek, DrSc.)

  • Removal of environmental pollutants
  • Decontamination of soils and groundwaters from dangerous chemicals (PCB, PBDE, heavy metals)
  • Production of bioactive substances (poly unsaturated omega-fatty acids) from micro algae

Center for microwave technology

Contact: sobekaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz (Ing. J. Sobek, Ph.D.)

  • Microwave drying
  • Microwave glass melting
  • Soil decontamination by microwaves

Center of texture studies

Contact: solcovaaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz (Ing. O. Šolcová, DSc.)

  • Texture and transport characteristics of porous materials
  • Pore distribution, specific surface, porosity, pore volume, skeletal and apparent density
  • Material constants, diffusion coefficients
  • Determination of pore presence
  • Characterization of flow properties (diffusion, permeation flows)

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Electrodiffusion flow diagnostics

Contact: tihonaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz (Ing. J. Tihon, CSc.)

  • Wall shear stress measurements
  • Near-to-wall turbulence characterization
  • Determination of recirculation flow zones
  • Detection of near-to-wall flow reversion
  • Detection of moving bubbles or particles

Heterogeneous catalysis

Contact: kaluzaaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz (Mgr. L. Kaluža, Ph.D.)

  • Preparation of solid with defined properties for catalytic and non-catalytic processes
  • Solid surface characterization by gas chemisorption
  • Catalyst characterization by temperature programed reduction
  • Temperature programed reactions
  • Determination of reactivity, activity and selectivity of heterogeneous catalysts for hydrogenation, oxidation and hydrodesulphurization reactions


Contact: stanovskyaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz (Ing. P. Stanovský, Ph.D.)

  • Detection of sound fields or cavitation effects using Brüel & Kjær hydrophones (0.1Hz –180kHz)

Liquid Extraction

Contact: heybergeraticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz (Ing. A. Heyberger, CSc.)

Membrane processes

Contact: izakaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz (Ing. P. Izák, Ph.D.)

  • Experimental separation of gas and liquids
  • Determination of transport characteristics of polymer membranes - diffusion coefficient and flux)
  • Calculation of gas flow through porous materials
  • Static and dynamic measurements of material permeability
  • Biogas purification to natural gas quality
  • Separation of VOC from air
  • Separation of polar and non-polar gases and racemic mixtures

Micro Flow Innovation Center

Contact: stavarekaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz (Ing. P. Stavárek, Ph.D.)

  • Microreactor engineering and technology
  • Flow chemistry systems
  • Process intensification
  • Continualization of batch processes
  • Reaction optimization in continuous reactors

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Microwave photochemistry

Contact: cirkvaaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz (Dr. Ing. Vladimír Církva)

  • Photochemical reactors
  • Electrode-less lamps
  • Characterization of emission spectra UV-VIS sources between 200-850 nm

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Numerical simulation (CFD)

Contact: havlicaaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz (Ing. J. Havlica, Ph.D.)

  • Heat and mass transfer
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Multiphase systems
  • Granular systems

Immobilized Biocatalyst and Optical Sensors

Contact: kuncovaaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz (Ing. G. Kuncová, CSc.)

  • Immobilization of enzymes and living cells for their applications in biotechnologies and optical sensors.    Immobilization and encapsulation (sol-gel process) into inorganic and organic-inorganic matrices
  • Research of optical sensors and biosensors for chemical industry and monitoring of environmental pollution. Examples: enzymatic sensors with oxidases and an optical oxygen transducer, optical senosor of glucose , optical sensor of biogenic amines, optical sensor of oxygen, bioluminescent bioreporters of BTEX, naphtalene, Hg, dichlormethane and others
  • Reactions catalyzed with esterases: Glycerolysis, transesterifications and hydrolysis of plant oils with immobilized enzymes in packed bed reactors 

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Vital Fluor


Surface and interfacial tension

Contact:  orvalhoaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz (S. Orvalho, Ph.D.)

  • Measurement of liquid surface tension
  • Measurement of liquid-liquid interfacial tension
  • Measurements of dynamic surface tension, determination of surface tension in dependence on the surface age
  • Determination of additive effect on surface tension
  • Contact angle determination

Luminofor recycling

Contact: gruberaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz (Ing. V. Gruber, CSc.)

Recycling technology for rare and special metals from:

  • CRT and CFL luminophores
  • Permanent magnets
  • High capacity batteries (MeH)

Rheology of fluids and dispersions

Contact: penkavovaaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz (Ing. V. Pěnkavová, Ph.D.)

  • Measurements of rheological properties of complex fluids
  • Flow curves of non-Newtonian fluids
  • Elastic and loss modules of viscoelastic fluids (oscillation tests)
  • Apparent wall slip - quantitative evaluation

Rheology of powders and granular media

Contact: ruzickaaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz (Doc. Ing. M. Růžička, DSc.)

Analysis with the powder rheometer Freeman FT4 determine the basic characteristics in static state and flow properties:

  • Stability and flowability
  • Internal friction and cohesion
  • Compressibility and permeability
  • Wall contact

Reactor and process engineering

Contact: stavarekaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz (Ing. P. Stavárek, Ph.D.)

  • Reaction kinetics of heterogeneously catalyzed processes
  • Hydrodynamics of gas-liquid packed bed systems
  • Design of experimental technologies for lab and pilot plant scale
  • Invasive and non-invasive techniques for measurement of process parameters in industrial plants (flow rate, temperature, pressure)

Group of Advanced Materials and Organic Synthesis - GAMOS

Contact: storchjaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz (Ing. J. Storch, Ph.D.)

Group Gamos performs applied research in the field of organic synthesis, in particular to:

  • Preparation of new materials for OLED, OFET and OPV technology
  • Preparation of semiconducting polymers for optoelectronics
  • Development of HPLC stationary phases
  • Synthesis of biologically active compounds

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Combustion and gasification

Contact: pohorelyaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz (Ing. M. Pohořelý, Ph.D.)

  • Fluidized-bed combustion of solid fuels, suspensions and complex fuels mixtures (e.g., sewage sludge, biomass, alternative fuels, coal, others).
  • Gasification of solid fuels
  • Treatment and purification of the producer gas
  • Preparation of the efficient sorbents (e.g., from deep removal of hydrogen halogens from the producer gas, preparation of charcoal and biochar)

Supercritical extraction

Contact: sajfrtovaaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz (Ing. M. Sajfrtová, Ph.D.)

  • Supercritical CO2 extraction
  • Subcritical water extraction
  • Extraction with compressed organic solvents
  • Chemical and enzymatic reactions in supercritical CO2
  • Polymer foaming

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Flow visualization and image processing

Contact: stanovskyaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz (Ing. P. Stanovský, Ph.D.)

  • Flow visualization - PIV, micro PIV
  • High speed video recording
  • Evaluation of video / image data - image processing for motion analysis


Contact: sycaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz (Ing. M. Šyc, Ph.D.)

  • Waste-to-energy technology
  • Flue gas cleaning
  • Solid residuals utilization (metal recovery, solidification/stabilization, etc.)
  • POPs formation and destruction