Enhancement of cooling and heating efficiency of heat transfer fluids using nanoaditives

01.01.2018 - 31.12.2020
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Projekt výzkumu a vývoje
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Tihon Jaroslav
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is principal investigator

The project responds to the current demand for more efficient methods of heat and cold transfer with an emphasis on reducing energy/weight consumption of construction materials or fossil resources. The innovativeness of the project consists in a unique combination of several experts and the use of their unique knowledge: suitable nanoparticles, selection and method of their stabilization, selection of the longest heat transfer properties, laboratory and experimental verification (determination of thermal conductivity/capacity; will be performed on a unique model device with two heat exchangers). In the end, there will be a commercial application of heat transfer fluids in selected circuits. Without such support, a project on such a large scale and a combination of specialists could never have been created and achieved in a relatively short time.