Department of Membrane Separation Processes

Department number: 
Head of Department: 
Izák Pavel
Rozvojová 135/1, 165 02 Praha-Lysolaje, Česká republika
izakaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz
+420 220 390 204

Annual Reports for Eduard Hála Laboratory of Separation Processes

Annual Reports for Department of Separation Processes

Annual Reports for the former E. Hála Laboratory of Thermodynamics

Membrane Separation Group

Fields of research:

  • Data processing using activity coefficient models and equations of state
  • Prediction of phase behaviour by means of models based on group contribution methods
  • Mass transport in polymeric membranes, mutual influence of permeating substances
  • Membrane separation of CH4 and CO2 mixtures
  • Separation of gases by ionic liquids membranes
  • Gas transport in asymmetric porous membranes
  • Pervaporation - dehydration of alcohols, separation of azeotropic mixture, etc.
  • Separation of volatile organic compound from  air 
  • Pertraction – separation of enantiomers
  • Evaluation of transport properties such as permeability, activation energy of permeation and selectivity of process
  • Flu Gas Purification by Polymeric Membranes

Applied research:

  • Separation of unwanted components from raw biogas
  • Separation of volatile organic compound from air
  • Separation of racemic mixtures

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